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New fee rates

The Austrian Patent Office has informed us that, pursuant to its President's ordinance valorising the fixed rates under the Federal Law on Patent Office Fees, some patent fees have been changed[ 1 ].

Applicants for and proprietors of European patents with effect in Austria are advised that from 1 July 2014 the following rates apply:

1. Publication or correction of translations of the claims under Article 67(3) EPC and publication or correction of translations of European patent specifications under Article 65 EPC:

EUR 186 (including EUR 30 document fees) plus EUR 135 for every 15 pages following the 16th page of the translation

2. Renewal fees:



6th year


7th year


8th year


9th year


10th year


11th year


12th year


13th year


14th year


15th year

1 044

16th year

1 148

17th year

1 253

18th year

1 357

19th year

1 566

20th year

1 775

3. Conversion of a European patent application into a national patent application or utility model application: EUR 52

4. Registering transfers, licences and other rights: EUR 128 per application (including EUR 40 document fees)

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Users of this brochure (16th edition) should amend Tables III.B, column 2, IV, column 5, VI, column 1, VII, column 2, and IX, column 4, accordingly.


[ 1 ] Österreichisches Patentblatt, I. Teil Nr. 4/2014 (15.4.2014).

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