GA E XIV 2 Review by the EPO as designated/elected Office under Article 24 PCT

Pursuant to Article 24(2) PCT the EPO as designated/elected Office may even maintain the application as a European application if this is not required by virtue of the provision in Article 25(2) PCT. The filing of a request under Article 24(2) PCT is governed by the same requirements as a request for review under Article 25(2) PCT, with the exception that the two-month time limit under Rules 51.1 and 51.3 PCT does not apply. The time limit for making a request to be excused under Article 24(2) PCT is subject to national law. Such request may be combined with a request for re-establishment of rights or further processing.
OJ 1984, 565 (Reasons 4)
J 19/16 (Reasons 6)

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