GA E II 3 Further requirements

Besides the "minimum requirements" mentioned in point 447448, the applicant may have to complete one or more of the following steps within the 31-month time limit. These further requirements are not referred to as "minimum requirements" since failure to comply with them does not have the direct effect of a loss of rights (see point 445446).
These further requirements are:
pay any claims fees due (see points 602603 ff),
file the designation of the inventor (see points 608609 ff),
furnish the file number or the certified copy of the application(s) of which priority is claimed (see points 617618 ff),
furnish a sequence listing complying with the standard (see point 527528),
furnish the indications on the applicant mentioned in Rule 163(4) EPC in respect of any applicant (see points 608609 ff),
appoint a professional representative (see point 459460),
furnish a copy of the results of any search carried out by or on behalf of the authority with which the priority application was filed (see points 477478 ff).
The EPO is sent the copy of the international application required under Article 22(1) or 39(1) PCT by the IB before expiry of the 31-month time limit. Therefore, the applicant should not submit a copy of the application to the EPO.
If amendments have been made under Article 19 PCT (see points 238239 ff), the copy transmitted by the IB also includes these amendments and the applicant's statement thereon, if any.

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