GA E II 2 Minimum requirements

In order to initiate the European phase the applicant must take at least the following steps within 31 months from the filing date or, if priority has been claimed, from the earliest priority date:
supply the translation if the Euro-PCT application was not published in one of the EPO's official languages (see points 509 ff),
specify the application documents on which the European grant procedure is to be based (see points 473474 ff),
pay the filing fee provided for in Article 78(2) EPC, including an additional page fee for applications longerwith more than 35 pages (see points 534535 ff),
pay the designation fee (and any extension or validation fees) if the period under Rule 39 EPC has expired earlier (see points 549550 ff),
pay the search fee if a supplementary European search report is to be drawn up (see points 582583 ff),
file the request for examination and pay the examination fee if the period under Rule 70(1) EPC has expired earlier (see points 587588 ff),
pay the renewal fee for the third year if the period under Rule 51(1) EPC has expired earlier (see points 599600 ff),
where applicable (in rare cases), file the certificate of exhibition mentioned in Article 55(2) EPC (see points 611612 ff).

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