GA D II 18 Nucleotide and amino acid sequences

If the ISR was not drawn up in full or in part because the sequence listing was not available to the ISA in electronic form in the specified format (see point 264), this may affect the procedure under Chapter II PCT.
OJ 2013, 542
If no sequence listing in electronic form complying with the requirements is available to the EPO as IPEA, the applicant may be invited to furnish that sequence listing in the required form and format and to pay the late furnishing fee. 
If no (full) international search was carried out, the EPO as IPEA will not perform the international preliminary examination if a meaningful examination cannot be performed (see point 386). In such cases an invitation to file a sequence listing under Rule 13ter.2 PCT is not issued by the EPO as IPEA and applicants are advised not to file sequence listings at this late stage.

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