GA D I 12 Start of the international preliminary examination

The EPO as IPEA will not start examination before expiry of the time limit laid down in Rule 54bis PCT, unless the applicant expressly requests an earlier start under R. 69.1(a) PCT. You are recommended to request an earlier start directly in the demand. Amendments and/or arguments under Article 34 PCT filed after filing of the demand, but before expiry of this time limit, must always be taken into account for international preliminary examination (see point 362).
WIPO PCT Guide 10.051 
PCT Newsletter 3/2005, 8 
Where the WO-ISA is considered a first written opinion (see point 375), a single extension of one month for filing a reply (amendments and/or arguments under Article 34 PCT) is in principle granted if requested before expiry of the normal time limit under Rule 54bis PCT and on condition that the time limit so extended does not expire later than 25 months from the (earliest) priority date (see also point 384). The extension does not apply to the time limit for filing the demand, which cannot be extended.

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