GA C IV 3 Requirements for filing a SIS request

A SIS request must be filed with the IB within 19 months (22 months as of 1 July 2017) from the priority date. The request is valid only if the supplementary search fee and the supplementary search handling fee are validly paid to the IB in Swiss francs.
PCT Newsletter
10/2016, 1
If the application was not filed in English, French or German, and no translation into any of these languages has been filed for the purpose of the proceedings before the ISA or for the purpose of international publication, a translation into one of these languages must be filed with the IB together with the SIS request.
Where applicable, the applicant must, together with the SIS request, also furnish to the IB a copy of the sequence listing in an electronic text formformat complying with the standard provided for in Annex C to the Administrative Instructions (see points 259260 ff). The EPO will start the supplementary international search only upon receipt of thethat copy. If it is not received, the EPO will invite the applicant to furnish an electronic copy of the sequence listing complying with that Annex and to pay thea late furnishing fee.
EPO-WIPO, Annex E 
OJ 2010, 316 under 4
OJ 2013, 542

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