GA C III 6 Complex applications

Furthermore, the EPO as ISA will in exceptional cases not perform an international search or will perform a search limited to parts of the claimed subject-matter if the application documents fail to comply with the prescribed requirements to such an extent that a meaningful search is impossible for all or part of the claims; these kinds. Applications of applicationsthis kind are often referred to as "complex applications".
Complex applications will be dealt with in accordance with the PCT-EPO Guidelines and the ISPE Guidelines supplemented, where appropriate, by the EPO's practice as set out in the Guidelines for Examination (GL/EPO) (see points 16-21).
Before taking a decision under Article 17(2)(a)(ii) PCT, the ISA may invite the applicant informally to provide clarification of the claimed subject-matter in accordance with paragraphs 9.34 and 9.35 of the ISPE Guidelines.
OJ 2011, 327

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