GA C I 6 Translation

For the purpose of the international search by the EPO as ISA, the application must be in one of its three official languages, i.e. English, French or German. Where the international application is filed in a different language the applicant must file a translation into one of the three official languages of the EPO with the receiving Office. Such translation must be furnished within one month of the date of receipt of the international application by the receiving Office.
If the application was not filed in a PCT language of publication, the language of the translation submitted for the purpose of the procedure before the EPO as ISA determines the language in which the international application is published. In any case where the language of the international publication is an official language of the EPO, that language will be the language of the proceedings in the European phase and cannot be changed. Therefore, applicants should carefully consider in which language they submit a translation for the purpose of international search. 
OJ 2010, 572
Upon receipt of payment of the international search fee, the receiving Office will promptly forward a copy of the translation and of the PCT request form ("search copy") to the EPO as ISA. 

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