GA C I 5 Choice of ISA and consequences

If the receiving Office has specified more than one ISA, the applicant must indicate his choice of ISA in the PCT request (Box No. VII) and in the Fee Calculation Sheet (Box No. 2) (see Annex VII). Only one ISA may be selected. For example, the EPO may be chosen as ISA for applications filed with the USPTO and for applications in English filed with the JPO as receiving Office.
Agreement EPO-WIPO, Art. 3(2), Annex A(ii) 
OJ 2010, 304
Applicants considering their choice of ISA are advised to bear in mind that the EPO will act as an IPEA only if the international search was carried out by the EPO itself or by any other "another European ISA". On 1 January 20162017, the EPO, the Austrian, Finnish, Spanish and Swedish patent offices andas well as the Nordic Patent Institute and the Visegrad Patent Institute were acting as European ISAs (see point 307308).
If the EPO acts as ISA or SISA, theno supplementary European search report is dispensed with and socarried out. Therefore, no search fee will be due on entry into the European phase (see point 574575).
OJ 2009, 594
OJ 2014, A5
If the EPO acts as IPEA, there is a reduction of 50% inof the fee due for examination fee in the European phase is granted (see point 595596).

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