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The PCT request form or, where applicable, the power of attorney must be signed by the applicant.
Where there are two or more applicants, each applicant must sign the request, or each applicant for whom an agent has been appointed must sign a power of attorney (Box No. IX PCT request form). However, if there is more than one applicant, the EPO as receiving Office will not invite the applicant to furnish the missing signature(s) if the PCT request form is signed by at least one of the applicants. Any designated Office, however, may require the missing signature of any applicant who has not signed the PCT request for that designated state.
The EPO as designated Office does not require a missing signature to be submitted upon entry into the European phase. 
If not the applicant but his agent has signed the PCT request form, a signed power of attorney or a copy of a general power of attorney need not be submitted since this requirement has been waived by the EPO (see point 110). However, as a matter of strategy and caution, it is recommended that agents obtain explicit authorisation from all applicants, by way of either direct signature or power of attorney (see points 112 ff).

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EPO Guide for Applicants, part II Int.

EPO Guide for Applicants, part II Int. - B The EPO as a PCT receiving Office

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