GA B 13 Acknowledgement of receipt

 TheAs a rule, the RO will acknowledge receipt of an international application at an EPO filing office is, as a rule, acknowledged by postby mail within four working days. The acknowledgement explicitly confirms the receipt of each separate document and item making up the international application (e.g. description, claims, abstract, data carrier, letter, etc.).
OJ 2007, Spec.Ed.3, A.3
OJ 2010, 642
As from 1 March 2011, the RO acknowledges receipt of anthe international application is acknowledged by automatedautomatically issuing Form 1031. This form isApplicants are, therefore, no longer obliged to be submitted by the applicant himselfsubmit this form themselves and can no longer be downloadeddownload it from the EPO website.
On request, the EPO also acknowledges receipt of an international application directly by fax or post upon payment of the administrative fee.[ 13 ]. To ensure prompt acknowledgement, the request for fax confirmation and evidence of payment of the administrative fee (e.g. a bank order) or a debit order must be enclosed with the documents or filed at the same time. The applicant should not forget to also provide a fax number to which acknowledgement of receipt is to be sent. If no fax number is indicated, the acknowledgement is sent by post to the address of the applicant or, where applicable, his representative.
If the above-mentioned requirements for this express procedure are fulfilled, the acknowledgement is issued within one working day after receipt of the application.

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