GA AV Annex V

Filing offices of the EPO (OJ 2007, Spec. Ed. 3, A.2; OJ 2013, 442) 
Addresses and opening hours of the filing offices
Munich headquarters 
European Patent Office 
Bob-van-Benthem-Platz 1  
80469 Munich  
European Patent Office 
Bayerstrasse 34 
(entrance via Zollstrasse 3) 
80335 Munich 
Postal address:  
European Patent Office  
80298 Munich 
Tel.: +49 (0)89 2399-0 
Monday to Thursday: 08.00 to 16.45 hrs, and 
Friday: 08.00 to 15.30 hrs (both offices) 
The Hague 
European Patent Office 
Patentlaan 2  
2288 EE Rijswijk  
Tel.: +31 (0)70 340-2040 
Postal address:  
European Patent Office  
Postbus 5818  
2280 HV Rijswijk  
Monday to Friday: 08.00 to 18.00 hrs 
European Patent Office 
Gitschiner Strasse 97  
10969 Berlin  
Tel.: +49 (0)30 25901-0 
Postal address:  
European Patent Office 
10958 Berlin  
Monday to Friday: 10.00 to 12.00 hrs 
The EPO filing offices in Berlin and Munich are equipped with automated mail-boxes, which may be used at any time.[ * ]
For filing documents by fax only, the following numbers of the filing offices are to be used:
+49 (0)89 2399-4465
The Hague:
+31 (0)70 340-3016
+49 (0)30 25901-840
For information on filing documents online, see the website of the EPO Online Services:
As of 01.04.2017 only the filing offices in Munich (PschorrHöfe building, Zollstrasse) and Berlin are equipped with automated mail-boxes (see OJ 2017, A11, A12).
Outside office hours, at all the filing offices, documents may be handed to the porter. 

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