GL C VII 2.8.1 Examples of where email could be used

Typical examples where email could be useful are:
(i)arranging a date for an interview 
(ii)if during a telephone consultation particular amendments to claims are being discussed the applicant might want to communicate these immediately, i.e. during the consultation to the examiner for easier discussion 
(iii)shortly before oral proceedings: sending an electronic copy of amended claims in addition to the official submission made e.g. by fax; this would ensure that the examining division gets the documents well in time for preparation of the oral proceedings 
(iv)during interviews and oral proceedings held as a video-conference: submitting further documents as referred to in Rule 50, including amended application documents (for details, see E‑III, 11.3.2).
Emails cannot replace an official communication under Art. 94(3).

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