PCT AG-IP 8.049 What does the supplementary international search report contain?

Rule 45bis.7(d)
and (e)

8.049.   What does the supplementary international search report contain?  The supplementary international search report is generally similar in contents and appearance to the main international search report (see paragraph 7.024).  It does not, however, contain comments on the title of the invention or the abstract, nor does it contain the classification of the subject matter.  Further, it does not repeat relevant prior art documents which have already been cited in the international search report, unless this is necessary because of new relevance when read in conjunction with other documents discovered during the supplementary international search.  On occasion, the supplementary international search report may contain more detailed explanations concerning citations of documents than those in the main international search report.  This is due to the fact that, unlike the main international search, no written opinion is established with the supplementary international search report, and these additional details are helpful for a full understanding of the prior art.  Furthermore, it may contain additional comments on the scope of the supplementary search which has been conducted.  This is of particular relevance when the supplementary search has been carried out without the benefit of the main international search report.

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Date retrieved: 24 November 2017

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