PCT AG-IP 5.170 When must a figure be suggested to accompany the abstract?

Rule 3.3(a)(iii)

5.170.   When must a figure be suggested to accompany the abstract?  Where the international application contains drawings, the applicant must indicate, in the check list of the request, the number of the figure in the drawings which the applicant suggests should be published with the abstract.

5.171.   The figure illustrating the abstract must be the figure which best characterizes the claimed invention and must be chosen from the drawings accompanying the international application.  Only one figure should be indicated.  The abstract may exceptionally be illustrated by more than one figure.  If none of the figures is found useful for the understanding of the abstract, no figure need be indicated in the check list.  The figure or figures that will accompany the abstract at the time the international application is published may not be included in the abstract.

Section 207

5.172.   The abstract must be presented on a separate sheet which must appear after the claims and be numbered accordingly (see paragraph 5.012).

Source: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/appguide/text.jsp?page=ip05.html

Date retrieved: 24 November 2017

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