PCT AG-IP 11.067 Can documents be filed by telegraph, teleprinter, facsimile machine, etc?

Rule 92.4

11.067.   Can documents be filed by telegraph, teleprinter, facsimile machine, etc?  Rule 92.4 governs the use of telegraph, teleprinter, facsimile machine and other like means of communication resulting in the filing of a printed or written document.  These means of communication may only be used where the national Office or intergovernmental organization concerned is prepared to receive correspondence by these means.  Some Offices and organizations require, for certain or all kinds of documents, that a communication by such admitted means of communication must, in any event, be confirmed by the applicant within 14 days;  otherwise the communication may be considered not to have been made.  However, failure to comply with such a requirement may be waived in some cases.  Even where there is no standing requirement for originals to be furnished, an Office or organization may require the originals in any particular case.  Further details on these requirements are set out in Rule 92.4, and information as to the practice and requirements applied in particular Offices and organizations is given in Annexes B.

11.068.   Applicants should, before sending a document by a means of telecommunication, check in Annexes B to ascertain what the requirements of the addressee are.  Where the papers to be submitted are documents making up the international application or replacement sheets containing amendments or corrections to the international application, the original should in any event be mailed as a matter of course on the same or the following day.

Rule 92.4(d)

11.069.   Where an original is sent to an Office or organization of a document previously transmitted to that Office or organization by a means of telecommunication, the original must be accompanied by a letter identifying the date and means of the earlier transmission.

11.070.   If part or all of a document received by such means of transmission is illegible, or if part of the document is not received, the document is treated as not having been received to the extent that it is illegible or that the attempted transmission failed, and the Office or organization promptly notifies the applicant accordingly.

Source: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/appguide/text.jsp?page=ip11.html

Date retrieved: 24 November 2017

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