PCT AG-IP 11.048 Can the applicant withdraw the international application?

Rule 90.4(e)

11.048.   Can the applicant withdraw the international application?  The applicant may withdraw the international application by a notice addressed to the International Bureau or to the receiving Office or, where Article 39(1) applies, to the International Preliminary Examining Authority, and received before the expiration of 30 months (see paragraph 5.005) from the priority date.  Any such withdrawal is free of charge.  A notice of withdrawal must be signed by all the applicants.  An appointed agent or appointed common representative may sign such a notice on behalf of the applicant or applicants who appointed him, but an applicant who is the “deemed common representative” (see paragraph 11.006) may not sign such a notice on behalf of the other applicants.  Where an Office, Authority or the International Bureau has waived the requirement that a separate power of attorney, or a copy of a general power of attorney, has to be furnished, the waiver does not apply in respect of any notice of withdrawal.

Source: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/appguide/text.jsp?page=ip11.html

Date retrieved: 24 November 2017

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