PCT AG-IP 10.070 May amendments include new matter in the international application?

Article 34(2)(b)
Rule 70.2(c)

10.070.   May amendments include new matter in the international application?  As for amendments under Article 19 (see paragraph 9.009), amendments under Article 34(2)(b) may not go beyond the disclosure in the international application as filed.  If the International Preliminary Examining Authority considers that any amendments do not comply with this requirement, it will comment accordingly in any written opinion and in the international preliminary report on patentability (Chapter II of the PCT), and the report will be established as if such amendment had not been made (see also paragraph 11.047).

Source: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/appguide/text.jsp?page=ip10.html

Date retrieved: 24 November 2017

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