Communication with the applicant – representation – address for correspondence (Form 1200, Sections 1, 2 and 3)
The EPO will issue any communication only to the applicant or, where applicable, the professional representative. Accordingly, any procedural action will be accepted by the EPO only if it is undertaken by the applicant or, on his behalf, by the (appointed) professional representative. An exception applies in respect of fees, which can be validly paid to the EPO by a third party. 
If an applicant has not appointed a professional representative and is not obliged to do so (see point 459), he may indicate an address for correspondence to which the EPO will send its communications if all requirements are met. This applies irrespective of whether the applicant is a natural or a legal person.
AnThe address for correspondence indicated for the proceedings in the European phase must be an the applicant’s own address of the applicant himself and not the address of a third party. A Notice from the EPO concerning the use of an address for correspondence willmust be published in the Official Journallocated in 2014an EPC contracting state.
Please note that an address for correspondence which is acceptable for the procedure in the international phase (see point 108) does not necessarily comply with the requirements applicable in the European phase.

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