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This part of the EPO Guidepublication is a guide for Applicants is aimed at applicants interested in pursuing the procedure under the PCT. It is of a summary nature and focuses on the elements specific to the PCT procedure before the EPO.
The present publicationThis is the seventheighth edition andof the publication, which is further referred to as the "Euro-PCT Guide".
The Euro-PCT Guide gives an overview of the procedures under the PCT before the EPO, including entry into the European phase before the EPO as designated/elected Office. The information it provides is not to be considered complete, nor is it intended to replace relevant WIPO publications and EPO decisions and notices concerning specific issues. 
The Euro-PCT Guide is updated to 1 January 20142015. Any changes to the PCT procedures before the EPO after that date are not reflected in the information provided here. Therefore, in using this Guide, applicants should always verify in particular whether any relevant changes to the procedures have entered into force since 1 January 20142015. Information on any changes made to date can be found in the sources of information mentioned below (see points 11 ff).
Although the information in this Guide is not exhaustive, it aims to cover all the points to note when the EPO acts in its capacity as:
a receiving Office (RO), 
an International Searching Authority (ISA), 
a Supplementary International Searching Authority (SISA), 
an International Preliminary Examining Authority (IPEA), and/or 
a designated or elected Office. 
Annex II shows the different phases of the PCT procedure (see also Annex III).
Any comments on the Euro-PCT Guide may be addressed to Directorate 5.2.2, International Legal Affairs, PCT. 

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